NPTEL AI in Marketing Assignment Answers

1. What are the two factors that can be considered as drivers of marketing evolution?

  • Marketing technology and consumer needs
  • Organizational needs and market demands
  • Organizational technology and market demand
  • Only marketing technology
Answer :- a

2. What are the phases of Marketing 3.0?

  • Planning phase and execution phase
  • Planning phase and implementation phase
  • Implementation phase and execution phase
  • None of the above
Answer :- b

3. Which one of the following is not one of the elements in customer’s fixed path that they follow in Marketing 4.0?

  • Aware
  • Appeal
  • Assign
  • Ask
Answer :- c

4. Which one of the following is not a marketing technique in Marketing 5.0 for which information is procured and inputted by AI and other technological channels?

  • Agile marketing
  • Augmented marketing
  • Predictive marketing 
  • Contextual marketing
Answer :- a

5. AI has been developed into two dimensions. Which of the following are the correct dimensions?

  • Artificial centered and rationalist approach dimensions
  • Non-rationalist approach and rationalist approach dimensions
  • Human centered and rationalist approach dimensions.
  • Human centered and non-human centered dimensions.
Answer :- c

6. What is the disadvantage of Mechanical AI?

  • Standardization
  • Collection of emotional data
  • Cost optimization
  • Consistency
Answer :- b

7. What does a node in a decision tree algorithm denote?

  • Test attributes
  • Training datasets
  • The evaluation processes.
  • None of the above
Answer :- a

8. Which one of the following statements is not true regarding Random Forest algorithm?

  • The result of more than one decision tree is combined and the averaged or the majority is considered as the result in a random forest.
  • Random forest can be used for both classification and regression types of supervised learning.
  • Random forest has the added benefit of adding randomness to the model by finding the best feature among a random subset of features.
  • Random forest has one outcome and a narrow range of groups.
Answer :- d

9. What is the limitation of feeling AI?

  • Relational benefits
  • Understanding moods
  • Polarization of customer responses
  • Handling high CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) customers.
Answer :- c

10. DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is a highly automated and virtual organizational construct. This is a virtual company without a business domicile, CEO or staff, which organizes itself with the help of codes. Which of the following technologies is the most central for functioning of DAO?

  • Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Deep Learning
  • Blockchain
Answer :- d

11. Which of the following company implemented augmented intelligence to design customized shoes for its customers, and the end-to-end process only takes two weeks from design to customer delivery?

  • Campus
  • Nike
  • Fila
  • Bata
Answer :- b

12. Which of the following forms of AI driven value creation suits this description- “AI automation often improves repetitive processes that are not enjoyable or challenging for humans. For example, Abundant Robotics has designed AI powered automated machines to harvest apples, reducing the amount of labor needed.”?

  • Process Enhancement
  • Product or Service Innovation
  • Process Efficiency
  • None of the above
Answer :- c

13. Complex AI systems especially those that employ deep learning, are opaque. It’s impossible to explain how these algorithms, working with enormous numbers of parameters and many intricately interconnected layers of abstraction, reach their conclusions. This shortcoming of complex AI systems is known as-

  • AI Transparency
  • AI Secrecy
  • Black Box Problem
  • Glass Box Problem
Answer :- c

14. Which of the following is not related to a Modern Data Foundation?

  • Modern data engineering
  • Siloed Data
  • AI-assisted data governance
  • Data democratization
Answer :- b

15. Which dimension of IDEAS framework is being seen as “living systems” with the characteristics of being ‘Boundary-less’, ‘Adaptable’, and ‘Radically Human’?

  • Strategy
  • Data
  • Intelligence
  • Architecture
Answer :- d

16. Technology evolved from machine-centric to collaborative to being human-centric. For the Intelligence dimension in IDEAS framework, which one is the human-centric tool?

  • Industrial Robot
  • Deep Learning
  • Emotional AI
  • Business Intelligence
Answer :- c

17. _____________ is an organizational strategy planned and executed to take advantage of the AI based tools and resources to create competitive advantage.

  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Cognitive (AI) Strategy
  • AI Adoption Strategy
Answer :- d

18. At which level of strategic planning each business unit develops a strategic plan to carry that business unit into a profitable future?

  • Corporate Planning
  • Division Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Product Planning
Answer :- c

19. Once AI development matures within an initial domain and organizations gets well-versed with reimagining parts of the business, AI adoption can be expanded to other domains. Companies can pursue multiple domains in parallel and prioritize domains that have data and skills in common, such as supply chain and logistics. Or they might pursue the same domain in other business units. What is this stage of AI Adoption known as –?

  • Setting the Strategy
  • Monitoring
  • Adapting for Organizational & Technological Change
  • Scaling the AI
Answer :- d

20. _______________ inference involves the creative act of imagining what might have happened had a certain variable in an experiment — or in our case, a business activity — been different, given everything else we know.

  • Association
  • Intervention
  • Counterfactuals
  • None of the above
Answer :- c

21. Google’s YouTube division introduced which new internal metric or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) with the help of AI for gauging how well videos are performing? It is also called as a statistic with a noble goal.

  • Click Through Rate
  • Total Watch Time
  • Quality Watch Time
  • New subscribers in last one month
Answer :- c

22. Which type of transformation focuses on the recombination of the two types of intelligence (artificial and human), whereas the level of renewal is limited, i.e., high level of recombination and low level of renewal?

  • Incremental Transformation
  • Modular Transformation
  • Radical Transformation
  • Architectural Transformation
Answer :- d

23. Feeling AI best suited for which of the following strategic marketing activity?

  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • None of the above
Answer :- c

24. Individual customer lifetime value model is being made possible by AI as an emerging practice of which strategic marketing activity?

  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • None of the above
Answer :- a

25. For the first P, i.e., Product/ Consumer Solution, which type of AI Personalize products based on customer preferences?

  • Mechanical AI
  • Thinking AI
  • Feeling AI
  • None of the Above

Answer :- b

26. Which type of AI is best for automating communication with customers?

  • Mechanical AI
  • Thinking AI
  • Feeling AI
  • Emotional AI
Answer :- a

27. Which of the following data type is not required for implementing AI in Place mix?

  • Data at the store level (historical and real-time sales, real-time inventory, in-store and web traffic data) and location level (local competitors, demographics of local catchment)
  • Real-time data on ads, including their content (both text and images), placement, and performance
  • Data on individual customers (historical sales, search history, any other customer-level data useful for making product recommendations)
  • Historical customer service queries, responses, and satisfaction scores
Answer :- b

28. ____________ is the percentage of customers who stopped purchasing your business’s products or services during a certain period of time.

  • Targeting customer prediction
  • Engagement
  • Churn prediction
  • Servicescape
Answer :- c

29. What does an internal records system include?

  • Only information on the order-to-payment cycle
  • Only sales information systems
  • both a & b
  • None of the above
Answer :- a

30. What is a marketing intelligence system primarily used for?

  • Collecting financial data
  • Obtaining everyday information about developments in the marketing environment
  • Managing internal records
  • Conducting in-depth market research
Answer :- b