NPTEL Project Management Week 7 Assignment Answers 2024

NPTEL Project Management Week 7 Assignment Answers 2024

1. Control is focused on three elements of a project. They are ___________.

  • scope, quality, and customer satisfaction
  • performance, delivery, and cost
  • scope, cost, and time
  • cost, time, and customer satisfaction
Answer :- 

2. Identify the item that is not one of the three types of control processes.

  • cybernetic control
  • robotic control
  • go/no-go control
  • postcontrol
Answer :- 

3. The project audit covers ______________.

  • only financial matters
  • everything except operating matters
  • only ethical and financial matters
  • any specified scope of importance to management
Answer :- 

4. Two of the most common limits on the depth of an investigation and level of detail presented in an audit report are _________.

  • the personality of the auditor and cooperation received
  • scope and objectives
  • word processing support and existing documentation
  • money and time
Answer :- 

5. In order for an audit/evaluation team to be conducted with skill and precision, all of the following conditions must be met, except _____________.

  • proper selection of the team
  • setting a schedule convenient for the auditors
  • accessibility of all records and files
  • preservation of free contact with the project members
Answer :- 

6. _____________ is defined as a standard for performance, commonly established early on for later comparisons.

  • Audit
  • Baseline
  • Evaluation
  • Summary
Answer :- 

7. The closure process is all of the following except which one?

  • Always complicated
  • Almost always inevitable
  • Never easy
  • Straight-forward
Answer :- 

8. If a project is a major success and it is terminated by institutionalising it as a formal part of the parent organisation, this is an example of closure by _________.

  • closure by integration
  • closure by addition
  • termination by murder
  • closure by starvation
Answer :- 

9. Which of the following is not a common task for a closure manager?

  • ensuring completion of the work
  • redistributing personnel materials, and equipment
  • communicating with all stakeholders why the project was terminated
  • overseeing the closing of the project’s books
Answer :- 

10. The fundamental purpose of the final project report is to ______________.

  • devote more resources to the project
  • finish the work so that payment can be collected
  • improve future projects
  • document the errors in the project
Answer :- 

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