NPTEL Leadership and Team Effectiveness Week 12 Assignment Answers 2024

NPTEL Leadership and Team Effectiveness Week 12 Assignment Answers 2024

1. What does research suggest about performance improvement?

  • Feedback is not necessary.
  • Goals should be vague.
  • Providing feedback is effective.
  • Goals and feedback are independent.
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2. Why are specific, observable, and time-limited goals recommended?

  • They are easier to ignore.
  • They discourage assessment.
  • They facilitate ongoing assessment and feedback.
  • They lead to goal failure.
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3. Which element of constructive feedback involves being straightforward and to the point?

  • Helpful
  • Direct
  • Specific
  • Descriptive
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4. What does the element of “Flexibility” in constructive feedback suggest?

  • Sticking to rigid opinions.
  • Being adaptable and open to discussion.
  • Avoiding feedback altogether.
  • Providing vague comments.
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5. Constructive feedback should be provided after a significant delay to allow for reflection.

  • True
  • False
Answer :- 

6. What does an “Advising” response in feedback involve?

  • Mirroring the message.
  • Asking probing questions.
  • Providing direction, evaluation, or personal opinion.
  • Switching the focus of the conversation.
Answer :- 

7. How does a “Deflecting” response impact the conversation?

  • Focuses on the original problem.
  • Mirrors the message.
  • Asks probing questions.
  • Switches the focus to a selected topic.
Answer :- 

8. What is the primary purpose of a “Probing” response in feedback?

  • To impose personal opinions.
  • To acquire additional information and gain insight.
  • To provide instructions.
  • To reflect the message in different words.
Answer :- 

9. Why is a “Reflecting” response used in feedback?

  • To provide personal opinions.
  • To impose control over the conversation.
  • To mirror back the message, communicate understanding, and allow exploration.
  • To deflect attention away from the original problem.
Answer :- 

10. Which aspect is considered a key element in emotional intelligence and can help in understanding the viewpoints of customers, clients, and co-workers?

  • Self-Awareness.
  • Practicing Empathy.
  • Expanding Knowledge.
  • Drawing on Previous Experiences.
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