NPTEL Global Marketing Management Week 12 Assignment Answers 2024

NPTEL Global Marketing Management Week 12 Assignment Answers 2024

1. _______________salespeople develop sales by influencing members of the decision-making unit who are not necessarily buyers

  • Missionaries
  • Agents
  • Merchandiser
  • Industrial indirect
Answer :- 

2. Which of the following is a characteristic of key-account selling?

  • There is single decision-maker involved.
  • The salesperson interacts directly with senior decision makers.
  • Salesperson solves complex and often insoluble problems.
  • It accounts for a smaller portion of the firm’s overall sales.
Answer :- 

3. Which of the following is not a feature of private exhibition?

  • A more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Presence of competitors
  • The exhibitor has more control over the environment.
  • Superior refreshment and reception facilities are available.
Answer :- 

4. “Salesman of the month” is an example of which category of sales promotion in a b2b environment?

  • Sales promotions aimed at channel intermediaries.
  • Push promotions
  • Pull promotions
  • Promotions aimed at the salesforce
Answer :- 

5. Which of the following can be considered sources of knowledge that influence reputation of an organization-

  • Direct experience of dealing with the organization
  • Hearsay evidence from friends, colleagues, and acquaintances
  • Third party public sources such as blogs, social media, newspaper articles, TV documentaries, and published research
  • All of these
Answer :- 

6. The gut feeling or overall impression that the organization’s name and brands generate in the minds of the organization’s public is known as their-

  • Value
  • Publicity
  • Image
  • None of these
Answer :- 

7. The marketing audit that is concerned with factors which impact on the company itself, for example markets, customers, competitors, distribution and dealers, suppliers, facilitators, and publics is called-

  • The macro environment audit
  • The task environment audit
  • The marketing organization audit
  • The marketing systems audit
Answer :- 

8. While evaluating marketing performance cost can be broken down into-

  • Direct costs such as salespersons’ salaries which can be directly attributable to a given activity.
  • Traceable common costs such as costs of advertising which can be traced back to specific products.
  • Non-traceable common costs such as the cost of PR or corporate advertising which cannot be allocated to any particular product range or brand.
  • All of these
Answer :- 

9. Which of the following is NOT a question that managers need to ask the following questions in order to know when to restructure the marketing department-

  • Is the marketing structure capable of implementing the plans?
  • Does the marketing focus the organization on priority markets or products?
  • Are managers suitably empowered?
  • None of these
Answer :- 

10. Rather than go through the procedures for setting up a buy sell transaction, some firms are now using the Internet to exchange products or services. This trend in the B2B area is known as-

  • The move from simple to complex transactions
  • The move from middleman to speculator
  • The move from transactions to solutions
  • The move toward sell side swap
Answer :- 

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