NPTEL Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality Week 7 Assignment Answers 2024

NPTEL Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality Week 7 Assignment Answers 2024

1. Ashish and Umair are friends, and they live together. One of their friends recently passed away due to a heart attack caused by excessive consumption of processed food. This unfortunate incident had an impact on the way they viewed life. As they grieved the loss of their friend, they decided to take their health seriously and work towards a healthier lifestyle. From the list below, select the changes they should make in their daily life to lead a healthier life.

  • Be conscious and aware of the food they eat. They should be mindful of their eating habits and not remain casual towards them.
  • Soft drinks and junk food are to be replaced with fruit juices and healthy snacks.
  • Home-cooked meals are to be preferred over processed food.
  • They should exercise in the mornings and then not worry about the food they eat.
  • They should start making sure that they have their meals in a relaxed fashion and not hurriedly.
  • They should include an excessive amount of coffee as their morning drink so that they can work out later.
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2. Which of the following statements represent WRONG notions regarding health?

  • Being healthy is about becoming a trendy influencer on Instagram.
  • Health is a mythical notion now.
  • Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.
  • Health is a concept for the rich and the privileged.
  • Along with complete well-being, health is also an absence of disease or infirmity.
  • Health and Soft-Skills are entirely unrelated.
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3. Your friend runs a podcast. His recent podcast was centred around exercise and its benefits. The guests on his podcast shared their fitness routines, tips on developing regular exercise habits, and the benefits of regular exercise for our overall well-being. After attending this course, which of the following would you consider harmful or INCORRECT information, habits, and advice?

  • When I started my fitness program, it used to happen quite often that I could not go to the gym or do my planned workouts due to travelling or family functions or parties. However, instead of ending my day without any exercise, I would go for a walk or cycle around my colony. I would replace my workout with an alternate physical activity.”
  • “I think it is okay to be relaxed about our physical activities. It does not matter if we have a stagnant or active lifestyle. We are all going to die in the end. How does it matter?”
  • “An important aspect of working out is that the more time you spend on it, the better you will get to sleep instantly. I sometimes spend more than 8 hours on my exercise.”
  • “Gyming or expensive fitness training is unnecessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You just need to be mindful of your physical activity. It will benefit your well-being if you have a regular exercise plan. This need not be lifting weights or running on a treadmill. Just go for a morning walk regularly or run briskly in the park.”
  • “I have realised that gadgets and technology have absolutely no place in our daily life when it comes to exercising. It is not good to have smart watches to track daily steps or record your sleep cycle. All these things are demotivating and useless.”
  • “I would like to advise everyone listening to us that they should never participate in any local competitions or events. You do not need these small victories or this recognition. Only participate in national or international events.”
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4. Below are a few statements. Of these, select the ones that you consider HARMFUL to a person’s health.

  • “You only live once; eat all the best chocolate in the world!”
  • “Sleeping is the only way to love yourself.”
  • “A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought—they must be earned.”
  • “Exercising is nothing but a lie told to us by corporates!”
  • “The only way to stay healthy is to stay ignorant.”
  • “A sound mind in a sound body.”
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5. Your uncle has recently shared a fitness video in the family WhatsApp group. He has advised the family members to follow the strategies taught in the video because the coach is a celebrity. Since you also intend to stay fit, you watch this video. This video promotes several harmful strategies; you do not want your family to fall for them. Which of the following advice from the video would you be warning your family members about?

  • “Food is a hurdle in any fitness regime and needs to be eliminated. More focus should be on exercise.”
  • “Your ability to stay fit depends on how little you can wear sports item.”
  • “Take care of your sleep cycle. Good sleep is important to stay fit.”
  • “Eat like a king in the morning and like a poor person at night.”
  • “Those who want to lose weight should always skip breakfast and eat a heavy late-night dinner after exercise.”
  • “Follow the diet I am following. You do not need a diet plan tailored specifically for you.”
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6. Your colleague, Rashmita, has been complaining about not being able to sleep properly. You have also noticed that she is unable to concentrate on her work and remains lost during meetings. She also tends to get easily triggered into angry outbursts. You understand that these issues can be related to her lack of sleep. Rashmita is a brilliant and hard-working woman who has always been there for you when you needed help. You value her presence in your life, so you decide to help her out and give her a visit. Of the following, what measures will you take to help Rashmita maintain good sleep hygiene?

  • You have observed that her house, especially her bedroom, is cluttered and dirty. Along with Rashmita, you immediately start cleaning the place.
  • Rashmita’s mother had been a music enthusiast. You find a gramophone and some records of very soothing music. You suggest Rashmita keep this collection in her room and listen to the music at bedtime.
  • Rashmita likes spicy food, so you stock her bedroom with her favourite snacks, as eating heavy, spicy food will automatically induce good sleep.
  • On your way to her house, you buy some oxygen-generating plants for Rashmita, and you place those in her bedroom.
  • You suggest Rashmita remove unnecessary and excess electronic items from her bedroom.
  • You ask Rashmita to install a TV in her bedroom so she can conveniently watch serials till she gets sleep.
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7. In his poem “The Mess of Love,” what three terms does D. H. Lawrence use to describe love that is not treated in the rightful manner?

  • Sense-perverted
  • Will-perverted
  • Ego-perverted
  • Pride-perverted
  • Beauty-perverted
  • Mind-perverted
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8. The different ways certain couples understand love are given below. After watching the lecture on Love and Personality, which ones would you consider to be healthy ways of loving?

  • Sara believes that words are the most important part of a relationship. She constantly expresses her love for her husband by saying, “I love you” whenever she sees him. However, she does not respect him. She also does not listen to him when he tells her about his day.
  • Rachel and Afzal are a couple. They have recently moved in together and have been setting up their new house. They made sure that they would make separate office spaces for each other. They have their meals together daily, and since Afzal loves cooking, he often surprises Rachel with her favourite dishes. Rachel makes sure to buy flowers for Afzal every day. They do not disturb one another during work hours and plan their outings according to their schedules.
  • Sumit has two children, a girl and a boy. The kids once broke a toy train while playing. Agitated by this incident, Sumit slapped her kids and punished them by disallowing them from playing with any toy in the house. When Sumit’s friends tell him he is being harsh, he rebuked them by saying that they do not know how love works and that he is doing it right.
  • On her way from school, Rifat saw a small group of puppies being chased and tortured by people on the street. She felt overwhelmed when she realised how vulnerable the lives of street dogs are. After sharing the experience with her friends, she looked up and found an animal welfare organisation in their locality and started actively volunteering with them.
  • Janavi was an irresponsible woman who constantly complained about her parents. Nevertheless, one day, she understood their hard work and the selfless love they showered on her. Since this realisation, she has stopped complaining and has become very responsible, sharing the work around the house and not burdening them with her personal responsibilities.
  • Hina loves to read books. She considers reading to be an essential habit for inculcating a good personality. She has a resourceful library at her home that is regularly maintained and updated. However, she is not inclined to music as much as literature. She tries to inculcate a similar love for books in her son. Nevertheless, she has recently observed that even though her son enjoys reading books, he has been talking passionately about music. This makes her feel very bad and disappointed, so she rebukes him for liking the wrong thing.
Answer :- 

9. In case one encounters rejection in love, what are the important considerations we need to have while dealing with it?

  • Acknowledge our feelings and respect the other person’s decision without creating a violent conflict.
  • We consider rejection to be a setback but not an eternally devastating event, giving us space to feel hopeful for future relationships.
  • Go around insulting the other person, revealing the intimate details of their life and getting involved in spreading rumours about them.
  • Ensure no one else can have a stable relationship with the other person because they do not deserve to have a real relationship if they have rejected us.
  • If we have been made aware of behavioural flaws as reasons for rejection, consider this a fruitful time to work on ourselves.
  • Start believing that we are essentially bad people who do not deserve love in their life.
Answer :- 

10. Having attended the course, which of the following will you consider as markers of healthy and genuine love?

  • Inability to take care of social responsibilities.
  • Making the relationship a priority over all other aspects of life, irrespective of the consequences.
  • Supporting personal growth and enhancing emotional stability.
  • Showing courage when faced with obstacles in life.
  • Giving a sense of freedom and liberation
  • Giving a sense of binding and limitations.
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11. During a discussion over the selection of candidates for the team leader position, you shortlisted some candidates based on their skill sets, experience, and performance. This position would require extensive field visits as part of the work. Who will you ultimately think of as a suitable candidate for the position?

  • The candidate who has the most experience.
  • The candidate who is humorous and can make people laugh.
  • The candidate who maintains a healthy lifestyle and is fit.
  • The candidate who knows how to sing and can thus entertain the team well.
  • The candidate who smokes and drinks liquor along with the clients.
  • The candidate who is new to the city.
Answer :- 

12. In order to live a fulfilling life, you may have understood from the lessons that maintaining good health is necessary. According to Andrew Weil, who is responsible for this maintenance?

  • The responsibility is solely on institutions such as the health care system and the medical field.
  • Maintaining the population’s health should be a pivotal area of concern for Health ministers and other politicians only.
  • Institutions are not dependable, and hence, the individuals themselves should protect and maintain their bodies’ capacity for health.
  • Partners should be held accountable for each other’s health issues.
  • Maintaining good health should not be treated as a responsibility. The body will always take care of itself.
  • Only God is responsible for the good as well as bad health of an individual. There is nothing a person can do about it.
Answer :- 

13. When Arnold H. Glasgow said, “Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip.” What did he mean?

  • Glasgow was instructing about hiking. According to him, minimal load should be carried during a hike.
  • He was a famous traveller, and from his experience, he had learned that if more people go on a trip together, they are less likely to reach their planned destination.
  • Glasgow was referring to body weight and advised that obesity may lead to an early demise caused by health issues.
  • He meant that when we go on shorter trips, it is advisable to carry a lot of baggage.
  • Glasgow was referring to regulations of air travel. According to these regulations, if you carry extra luggage, your itinerary will be changed to a nearer place.
  • Glasgow meant that we should try to starve ourselves to weigh light and walk fast.
Answer :- 

14. Among the following people, who is following the correct breathing habit?

  • Wajahat runs on the treadmill every day for an hour. He has the habit of inhaling from the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
  • Raman is a fitness influencer. He makes videos of himself working out. In all his videos, you can observe that he breathes through his mouth.
  • Aisha has recently included regular exercise in her lifestyle. She has a poster pasted on the wall she faces during her exercise to remind her of important things to follow. She follows this chart. One of the instructions reads, “Breathe through nose only!”
  • Fazal has created his own style of working out. He runs for half a minute with fast breathing exercises, and then for another half minute, he tries to exercise without breathing. He thinks that this creates willpower in him.
  • Zafar believes that the way one breathes has nothing to do with weight loss. He does not consider breathing patterns to be significant enough to affect bodily functions in any way.
  • Latika exercises for one minute every day to inculcate a daily exercise habit so she can lose weight. She learned from her friend that it is important to keep breathing from only the mouth for the weight loss journey to be effective.
Answer :- 

15. Which of the following habits is beneficial for getting a good night’s sleep?

  • Drinking one glass of carbonated water after every meal.
  • Watching a movie at night regularly.
  • Having salted peanuts as snacks before bed.
  • Eliminating all screen time when it is time to go to bed.
  • Changing your bedtime every week.
  • Keeping a bright bulb alight while you sleep.
Answer :- 

16. How many hours do children need to sleep?

  • 20-21
  • 6-8
  • 10-11
  • 15-16
  • 22-24
  • 0-3
Answer :- 

17. How is love related to one’s personality?

  • Love is an alternative to a good diet.
  • Those in love become arrogant and mean.
  • Love makes a person more compassionate and caring, leading to personal growth.
  • Love teaches us to be doubtful of everything in life.
  • Love enhances physical beauty.
  • Being in love makes us view rejection as a terrible thing.
Answer :- 

18. Which of the following describes the idea of love in the Bible?

  • Love is impatient; love is unkind.
  • Love delights in evil and abhors the truth.
  • It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
  • It is rude; it is self-seeking.
  • Love is easily angered because it is passionate.
  • It always protects, trusts, and hopes to seek selfish gains.
Answer :- 

19. True or healthy love is a rewarding emotion which often leads an individual towards which of the following benefits?

  • Monetary gain
  • Self-realisation
  • Good dietary habits
  • Healthy sleep schedule
  • Academic excellence
  • Artistic skills
Answer :- 

20. In terms of love proposals, which of the following would you consider the most effective situation to proceed with?

  • Babar has been texting with a woman online for about a week, and she has recently sent him a text message professing her love for him. Babar is very happy about it and considers it the right time to get into a relationship with this woman.
  • On her first day at the office, Anjali came across a handsome young man. Struck by his attractiveness, she starts believing she is in love with this man and proposes to him.
  • Karan has known Tripti for a few years now. They met in a reading club and have been spending time together since their first meeting after the reading sessions. Having been with each other for years and witnessing each other’s personal failures as well as growth, Karan considers Tripti as a strong and warm-hearted woman whom he respects and cares for. So, he plans to go ahead and proposes getting into a relationship.
  • Radha has broken up with her partner. To get over her depressing emotions, she tells Raghav that she likes him and starts to date.
  • In order to make his previous partner jealous, Isa marries a colleague from work whom he has had no experience of being around at all.
  • Rahat and Aisha had been happily married for years, but recently, they got divorced. After the divorce, Rahat has started believing that no good comes from marriage and decides to remain single for the rest of his life. He becomes bitter towards all women and does not trust anyone he meets.
Answer :- 

21. Chewing food properly before swallowing is a healthy habit to inculcate.

  • True
  • False
Answer :- 

22. Rahat wakes up at a selected time every morning to exercise, and he makes sure he follows this routine religiously. Rahat is following the correct way to maintain exercise in one’s lifestyle.

  • True
  • False
Answer :- 

23. There is no relationship between our sleeping routine and our moods and feelings.

  • True
  • False
Answer :- 

24. According to William Shakespeare, an important aspect of love is ‘doubt.’

  • True
  • False
Answer :- 

25. Love interests will always have to be prioritised in a professional setting. Otherwise, it shows a lack of genuine feelings.

  • True
  • False
Answer :- 

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