NPTEL AI in Marketing Week 12 Assignment Answers 2024

NPTEL AI in Marketing Week 12 Assignment Answers 2024

1. What are some ethical concerns associated with the use of AI?

  • Concerns about Privacy
  • Concerns about the potential for Bias
  • Concerns about Appropriateness
  • All of the above
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2. How can AI techniques contribute to addressing privacy issues?

  • AI exacerbates privacy concerns and offers no solutions.
  • AI introduces complications without providing innovative solutions.
  • Use AI techniques to address privacy issues, such as homomorphic encryption and differential privacy.
  • AI is irrelevant in the context of addressing privacy concerns.
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3. As organizations, leaders, and third-party assessors focus on accountability over the entire life cycle of AI systems, which of the following are the four dimensions to consider?

  • Leadership, Data, Efficiency, Control
  • Governance, Data, Performance, Monitoring
  • Accountability, Security, Integration, Testing
  • Innovation, Privacy, Compliance, Scalability
Answer :- 

4. To set AI up for success, companies should follow a four-phased approach to implementing the technology. What are the four phases in this approach?

  • Initiator, Supervisor, Collaborator, Participant
  • The Assistant, The Monitor, The Coach, The Teammate
  • Pioneer, Observer, Mentor, Partner
  • Innovator, Analyst, Facilitator, Contributor
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5. To prevent their RL agents from causing harm, leaders should abide by five rules as they integrate this AI into their strategy execution. Which of the following represents one of these rules?

  • Ignore unexpected consequences
  • Avoid evaluating deviations from the expected
  • Disregard user feedback on RL agents; outputs
  • Modify RL agent policies if undesirable behaviors are promoted
Answer :- 

6. In the context of integrating RL agents into strategy execution, what action should leaders take if undesirable behaviors persist even after modifying the agent’s policies?

  • Discontinue the use of RL agents
  • Increase the complexity of the reward function
  • Seek legal intervention
  • Change the reward function
Answer :- 

7. In the agile development lifecycle, what is the correct sequence of the four phases?

  • Requirements elicitation, Design and development, Testing, Deployment
  • Design and development, Requirements elicitation, Testing, Deployment
  • Testing, Deployment, Requirements elicitation, Design and development
  • Deployment, Testing, Design and development, Requirements elicitation
Answer :- 

8. What is a recommended approach for organizations deploying AI to ensure alignment with ethical principles and address any identified gaps?

  • Conduct random assessments without a structured process
  • Avoid auditing processes to maintain flexibility
  • Implement ethics-based auditing using structured processes
  • Rely solely on user feedback without systematic evaluation
Answer :- 

9. What does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encompass within the realms of contemporary business?

  • Only sustainability development
  • Only corporate governance
  • Only stakeholder protection
  • Sustainability development, corporate governance, stakeholder protection, and socially responsible investments
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10. What challenges are associated with the integration of AI into the boardroom?

  • Managing bias in data-driven decisions
  • Ensuring transparency in the decision-making process
  • Addressing the monopolization of data and expertise
  • All above
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